Designed specifically for horses, Equi-Tape® is elastic kinesiology tape for the rehabilitation of equine injuries, injury prevention and training. Equi-Tape may treat a variety of equine conditions and helps support joints and muscles while allowing for full range of motion. Non-medicated, latex-free Equi-Tape stays on in all weather and temperatures.





Rehabilitation: The lifting decompression principle behind Equi-Taping® involves an increase in activity under the skin, and aids in improving blood flow, and impacting pain receptors with the end objective to shorten standard recovery time. Equi-Tape and be effective in reducing swelling, inflammation, soreness to touch, stiffness, or lack of complete range of motion.


Training: Equi-Tape® produces added comfort for your horse and provides you the satisfaction of knowing that you have taken a meaningful step in ensuring comfort, lessening the risk of injury and allowing for faster post-workout recovery benefits.

Equitape 2 inch

  • Single roll product; measures 2" by 16'

  • Product availability dependent on supplier.  Some colors may not be available.