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Scheduling an appointment for you horse or barn is easy.  Simply give us a call or send us an email or even a text.  Please include date(s), time, and location of requested appointment and we will do our best to accommodate.  We can set up for large barns and private services at shows.  Please allow a maximum 8 horses/sessions per day schedule when planning for your appointment.


Base fees remain the same regardless of location and are as follows:

Full Body Massage: $65.00 per horse; includes Acupressure and/or Trigger Point

Kinesiology Taping: $35.00 per region

Acupressure: $65.00 per horse if done as single service

VitaFloor Therapy Plate: $20.00 per session; must be pre-scheduled one week prior to planned appointment to ensure unit can be transported to location.  Unit requires standard plug in for electric in close proximity.

Game Ready: $30.00 per session; requires veterinary prescription

Cold Laser: $50.00 per session; requires veterinary prescription

Therapeutic Ultrasound: $50.00; requires veterinary prescription

Thermal Imaging: Price dependent on number of images. Images are produced for saddle fit interpretation or for veterinary use only. Superior Equine Sports Massage Therapy technicians have been professionally trained to utilize and understand thermography; however we will not use images to make any diagnosis or recommend any treatment based on any image produced.  All images should be interpreted by a trained professional and possible interpretations discussed with a professional saddle fit technician and/or veterinarian.

All fees for services are due at time of service unless otherwise negotiated.

Farm Calls and Travel Fees:


We do travel and are available for a select number of out of state contracts within the following states:













New Hampshire

North Dakota



Superior Equine Sports Massage Therapy is bound under state veterinary laws and operates as such.  The above mentioned states currently allow equine massage to be performed by non-veterinary individuals.  Other states require either a prescription, general or direct supervision from a veterinarian licensed in that state. A few prohibit non-veterinary individuals to perform equine massage at all. Superior Equine Sports Massage Therapy strongly recommends that your veterinarian be aware that you have massage and body work done on your horse(s) and by whom regardless of your State's laws.  

Base farm call fees are as such:

$20.00  within 75miles of Lipan, Texas

$100.00 outside of 75 miles of Lipan, TX. Eight (8) horse minimum requirement. If multiple days are required, owner/trainer will be responsible for food, lodging, and milage/travel costs.


Superior Equine Sports Massage Therapy reserves the right to adjust minimum required number of horses or cost of call fees to accommodate travel expenses for areas with higher costs including fuel, airline, hotel, and all other expenses that may be accrued in traveling to provide service.  Expenses will be figured into the cost for each horse unless otherwise contracted and base fees should be considered a general cost amount. Estimates are available and must be approved in writing to be considered and honored.  Travel expenses must be paid prior to agreed travel dates.  Services fees for massage or other therapies performed are due at time of service unless otherwise negotiated.

Travel and farm call fees do not apply to services performed at horse shows at which we are attending as an open vendor.​

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